As leading provider of foreign currency Money Link Exchange (Pvt.) Ltd is dedicated to provide a first class and comprehensive service for individual customer all over Pakistan. Our dedication and commitment towards security and speed with good customer service skill ensures the standard of our services. Money Link exchange (Pvt.)Ltd is providing following services for its customers throughout Pakistan.


We buy and sell all foreign currencies including US$, Dirham, Riyal, British pound Euro, Canadian $ at best rates. We are dedicated in providing best exchnage rates available in the Pakistan market.


We also provide inward and outward remittances service so now you can send and recieve money worldwide. We are continously working towards the addition of other financial institutions worldwide to improve our business.


We also provide the service of telegraph transfer. Telegraph transfers enable you to send money to any overseas bank account. Just visit any Money Link Exchange branch for further info and help.


We also provide demand draft facility for effective money transfer. Demand draft stand for issuing of an instrument (cross cheque) in foreign currencies according to the demand of the customer.

Arrangements with International correspondents:
The customers can transit their money in Pakistan safely, quickly and timely through our international correspondents located in various countries of the world. Money Link EXCHANGE (PVT.) LTD has made these arrangements as per correspondent agreement for cash/bank deliveries in Pakistan. The customers make the payments to our correspondents either by personally visiting them, through banks or online. Here it is necessary to mention that as an essential part of our contracts with the correspondents, Money Link EXCHANGE (PVT.) LTD has ensured that the following has to be followed before executing any transaction:

Arrangements with the Banks:
Money Link EXCHANGE (PVT.) LTD has made special arrangements with the Treasury Departments of all leading banks of the country for disbursement to the beneficiaries who are their account holders. Money Link EXCHANGE (PVT.) LTD has opened its Nostro Accounts through some of these banks as well which in fact facilitate the execution of a home remittance transaction. If the customers have accounts with any of our partner banks here in Pakistan, Money Link EXCHANGE (PVT.) LTD makes direct deposit in their accounts and the deposit slip is uploaded through the software as a confirmation to our correspondents.

Modes of Payment to the beneficiary:

The execution of the transaction (payment to the beneficiary) takes place by any of these three modes:

  • Payments through Cash any where in Pakistan and worldwide.
  • Payments into beneficiary’s bank accounts.
  • Locations wherever this service is being provided.
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